Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prepare Goji Berry Tea by Yourself

Goji berry tea is truly worth trying - not only for its refreshing flavor and taste, but for its many health benefits also. The benefits associated with this tea are many. Goji berries were originally grown in Tibet and China, for the purposes of making tea only nearly 1000 years ago. People decide to include this tea in their daily diet for several of its medicinal properties. Those who have such tea regularly are known to benefit in many ways which includes increasing life span, improving sexual functionality of a human being, improving eyesight of an individual and gives a boost to the immune system along with many other health benefits.

Goji berry tea is becoming very popular now, loved by youngsters and well accepted by them in their daily life. It is prepared in small parties, in get-together and in any small event which involves a group of people of different age groups. Those who wish to stay awake, late into the night love to have this type of tea, as a great boost to stay awake. This is considered to a mid day booster in many offices and business establishments which refreshes employees and helps them to cope with the stress and strain. Preparing it is a very simple task and can be done in a few simple minutes. Just as it is done in the case of normal tea making, you need to pour boiling water in a pot. Then you need to swish it around and remove the water. This is done to make the pot warm so that in the next stage, best flavored tea can be prepared. Once this is done, you need to place around thirty-thirty five dried goji berries inside the pot. There is no specific need of having this tea inside any kind of infuser or bag.

You need to fill the entire pot with hot boiling water and then put the lid inside the pot, so that the berries can remain soaked in such boiling water for as long as eight minutes. You will soon start getting a pleasant and mild aroma which is quite noticeable. Once you get such an aroma it will indicate that your goji berry tea is ready to be consumed. As it happens always, it's your turn for serving the tea now. You can pour this lovely green tea in a cup but do not add sugar. The berries usually have a very tangy taste and it has a very natural sweetener, so no need to add any kind of sweetener separately.

You can consume your goji berry green tea and then also have the berries which have settled down in your tea pot. This way you shall get the dual benefits of antioxidants which are present in the leaves. You will surely love the tea flavor which is associated with these mystical goji berries.

Goji berry tree is natural with no traces of caffeine and are glutten free making it a complete loved drink all over the world.

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