Sunday, April 11, 2010

Many Types of Green Tea

There are many types of green tea although it is derived from the same basic plant source as the common black tea that everyone drinks both hot and cold. Green tea is simply derived by drying the plant. Black tea is processed by fermenting the plant which causes the flavor to be stronger and causes it to loose some of its nutrient rich power.

That is one of the reasons many people have switched to this drink is because dried items tend to retain most of their natural nutritional value. There is a wide selection that appeals to various tastes. Even though generally it is a lighter flavored drink than black tea, there are subtle differences in the various types.

Green tea has been around for many years and is a favorite among Asian countries before it ever took the U.S. by storm. Some of the most interesting flavors come from Japan and China. The difference in some of the favors comes from the different ways that the dried plant is packaged, preserved for its flavors and in the suggested way that it is prepared. Also, some types come in combination with other dried herbs or plants that add special flavor.

Some of the most common green tea comes from Japan and has a slightly sweet flavor. Sencha tea is a bit sweet and is less expensive than some other types. It is easy to use large amounts of this tea and not break your budget. Another popular Japanese tea is called Macha which is commonly used in the Japanese tea ceremonies. This beverage is also slightly sweet and is very good when served with sweet deserts.

One of the most expensive green teas you can buy is Lung Ching tea from China. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for this item which is very green in color as well. It has a distinctively interesting flavor and is a favorite among those who want to drink quality teas.

If you are just getting interested in trying some of the various types of green teas available but aren't sure which you might like, you can always select a tea sampler which will give you various flavors to try. Be sure to try several types of green tea so that you can decide which one suits your taste.

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