Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is Kung Fu Tea?

The Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese are the most involved people when it comes to tea drinking. Not only is it a favorite pastime among them but it also serves a deep purpose and meaning in their culture. Tea drinking are often seen in their ceremonies as well as greeting guests. Kung fu tea, a well known tea-brewing and drinking process conveys friendship and solidarity, art, appreciation, peace and decency.

Not only the tea itself but the utensils as well play a great part in the activity. Not having the appropriate utensils will reduce the pleasant atmosphere and the purpose it conveys.

The utensils used vary a little depending on how the kung fu tea is prepared but usually, the set consist of a cast iron kettle called tetsubin, cauldron, griddle or tray with grates for holding the teapot and cups. The teapots, cups and other utensils are designed intricately and with emphasis to the Asian heritage.

In a nutshell, the kung fu tea is prepared by boiling hot water to the teapot that contains the tea leaves. In addition to that, there are also techniques involved when it comes to preparing and serving the tea such as pouring it into cups in a high or low level. The steeping and cleaning as well have their own essentials. The teapots, for example shouldn't be washed with soap or water for it will lose its ability to absorb the tea's aroma. It is also best to regularly season the teapots by regularly heating them in the oven for approximately an hour.

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