Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

In the Asian nations green teas has been enjoyed for a long time for a number of reasons, including both taste and health. The western world and the medical community have recently started to recognize the many benefits of choosing to drink green tea. The great reasons to drink tea are discussed briefly below.

Reason #1: A Vacation from the Ordinary
Each day most Americans consume at least a few cups of coffee. In the supermarket today there are countless different flavors available, although sometimes you will want to truly escape from the ordinary. Green tea might just be the change you want with its grassy flavor and sweet, nutty aroma.

Reason #2: Green Tea Chock Full of Antioxidants
For centuries green teas has been drunk and enjoyed for its healing properties. The western medical world is beginning to see why with the advances of science. Since green tea contains antioxidants it is a great reason to drink it. These antioxidants have been proven to help in the growth of healthy cells and increase the energy needed for daily life activities.

Reason #3: Escape the Caffeine Jitters
Caffeine jitters can result for some people who drink coffee. Everyone experiences at some point the bodies feeling after a last cup of coffee when it starts to shake as if in preparation for liftoff. This is why many have decided to give up coffee altogether. Green tea is a great reason for these consumers since it is a different, milder form of caffeine. When it comes to the jitters caused by caffeine most green teas that aren’t decaffeinated seem to have a milder effect. There isn’t an exact known reason for this, but for many it is easier to stay awake during the business day by drinking green tea.

In the list of reasons to drink green tea these are just a few. Depending on your personal taste preference and why kind of health benefits you want there may be many other benefits of green tea. Green tea will help you feel better and more inclined to face the day no matter what your reasons are.

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