Thursday, September 24, 2009

Healthy with Tea

We've been drinking Tea Europe for centuries and in China for Millennia. The health benefits of drinking tea are many and varied.

Here are some tea facts that I bet you were not aware of:
  • Tea with milk provides 16% of daily calcium requirement in 4 cups
  • Tea contains some zinc and follic acid
  • Tea with milk contains Vitamin B6, Riboflavin B2 and Thiamin B1
  • Tea is a source of the minerals manganese, essential for bone growth and body development, and potassium, vital for maintaining body fluid levels
  • The average cup of tea contains less than half the level of caffeine than coffee. One cup contains only 50mg per 190ml cup
  • Tea is a natural source of fluoride and delivers 45% of your daily requirement if you drink 3/4 cups per day
  • Only 11% of UK water supply has fluoride added
  • Green and black teas are from the same plant, Camelia sinensis, and contain similar amounts of antioxidants and caffeine
Did You Know?
  • Tea outsells coffee by 2 to 1.
  • 96% of all cups of tea drunk daily in the UK are brewed from tea bags.
  • The UK drinks 165 million cups per day - 62 billion cups per year.
  • 45% of people take sugar with their tea.
  • 98% of people take milk with tea.

Additionally tea can be used to help cleanse and freshen the face (no milk required) helping to speed the healing of minor cuts and blemishes. And is even used to clean computer disk drive heads as part of the disk production process, apparently it's unsurpassed in its ability to leave the disk heads 100% clear of dirt and dust particles.

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