Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The France’s Limoges Teapot

The answer to this question is likely what in the world is a Limoges teapot! Not a lot of people are familiar with this city in France or what the big deal is. Limoges has been known for their fine porcelain creations since the 18th century and their dedication to quality remains as strong today. This is the one place in the world you can find gorgeous teapots and other similar items.

Whenever you see the term Limoges porcelain you should know it refers to a particular type of pottery made by manufacturers in and around the town. It was late in the 1700's when the factories began and the process continues now. If a piece is labeled as Limoges porcelain you can rest assured that it was made in or around the city in France. However, the phrase does not point to any particular manufacturer.

In the early to mid 1700's Limoges was already producing plain earthenware but they were not a major supplier. It would take the discovery of kaolin clay and another material petuntse both necessary for the creation of porcelain to bring this manufacturing opportunity to Limoges. It could not have come at a better time as the area was severely impoverished. The people began quarrying the porcelain materials around 1768.
A progressive economist by the name of Anne Robert Jacques Turgot helped to establish the production of Limoges teapots and other similar wares in 1771. Soon the manufacturing would be placed under the Comte D'Artois, a brother of Louis XVI, until around 1784. Later the king himself would become interested in the ceramics being manufactured and purchased the location. Things did not work out as planned however as the Revolution would change ownership of the manufacturing plant.

Once the dust had settled from the revolution private porcelain factories were built. Havilland and Company as well as Bernardaud were some of the first and are still in operation today. Throughout France and much of the world Limoges tea pots as well as other pieces were in high demand. The city was thought to be the best porcelain manufacturing in the world, a reputation well deserved and still in place today. Unbelievably many of the original post revolution factories are still in operation to this day. You can enjoy a small piece of French history on your table today by purchasing a Limoges teapot.

One of these Limoges teapots could be the final decorative piece your home needs. You can use it to brew a perfect cup of tea or simply display it as art, either way it is a wonderful addition. You may be able to locate an actual antique Limoges teapot but be aware they will cost you a good deal of money, especially if they are in good condition. Take your time and shop around until you find the perfect teapot for your home. Unfortunately, there are many imitators on the market today. Limoges teapots will have a quality that shines past the rest.

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