Monday, March 22, 2010

Red Clover Tea and Its Benefits

By now most people recognize the benefits of herbal supplements. These can have a great impact on your body though the effects vary by the herb you are taking and what it is intended for. Red Clover tea has a long medicinal history and is still in use today to treat a variety of illnesses and prevent illness as well.

This tea has been used for many years to treat respiratory infections and cough. It is also said to speed the healing of wounds and help with water retention. In helping to heal wounds it may also help to fight infections that often hinder the healing process. This has been used for many years as an herbal supplement and now is available in the form of tea.

Today it is believed that there may be many other benefits as well. Some other diseases it may help to cure or fight include heart disease, diabetes, and may help relieve menopausal symptoms. It has not yet been proven how much effect, if any, this herb may have on these illnesses. This should never be used as a substitute for physician's orders or other prescriptions.

This herb is even included in some supplements sold for the purpose of natural breast enhancement. It should be noted that this may be due to the hormones contained in the herb and that is also why it may be effective in treating menopausal symptoms.

Some believe that this may even be used in combination with other medications to treat illnesses. This is highly debated and you should never depend solely on herbal medicines to treat any disease unless specified by your doctor. Herbs should be used in combination with medications prescribed by a physician.

Your physician should also always be aware of any medications, including herbs that you take on a regular basis. These are better as preventative medicines in most cases. Always seek medical advice before taking any new medications, including herbs. Keep in mind that herbs may not be appropriate to take with some medications. This, like any other medication, has some possible side effects.

Red Clover may be the next big thing in herbal teas. If you are a big fan of Green tea then this is something you will want to try. Millions of people have already discovered the benefits of Green tea and other herbal teas. They have a huge potential to help heal your body and keep you healthy.

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